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Perfect gift, great smell!

Loved my candle. The scent was

Petrichor candle

Candle overall smells great but not like a petrichor smell I was really hoping for that natural outdoor by the river and sand smell but it’s smells overall good just not what I wanted

Smell amazing

It came on time! And smells amazing, I’m so excited for my friend to see if she likes it

Ramen candle - yes!!!

I bought the ramen noodle candle for my sister—a ramen fanatic. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with this order. First, delivery was ridiculously fast. Second, the ramen candle is amazing!

5 stars

I bought this candle because I love the smell of rain but currently live in the desert. This smells exactly like the air after it has just rained.

These smell good!!

Love the Petrichor Fragrance

Last year, I read about the petrichor scent on Reddit. A link was posted about your candles. My bf loved walking through the woods, and I thought it a good idea to purchase a candle for him. He was amazed by the scent. It brings him right into the woods. It remains his favorite gift.

Great scent! Just wish there was a bigger size

Deeply satisfying

I had been looking Petrichor scent for a while and was delighted to find it. The candle sits next to my reading chair and I occasionally hold it up to breathe in the satisfying smell - it seems like a deeply seated human pleasure and is very calming.

Smells exactly like a cool fall rain in the forest

These candles, especially the petrichor, smell amazing


Just like the real thing! Will buy again!

Completely Accurate

My new trick when anyone comes over is having them smell this candle. It is DEAD on to petrichor. I’m redoing my dining room with a marshland theme and the rainy smell sets it off perfectly, it is so natural and not a bit soapy or fake. Massively impressed.

Beautiful Company and Candle

The smell is exactly what you'd expect! I had an amazing experience with quick shipping, well done customer service, and perfectly priced candles. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Cannabis 4oz Candle

Enjoy the scent

Very nice candle wish u would sell a larger size

Exactly what I was looking for!!!

You shipped these incredible candles so quickly!!!!! The smell is perfection. The only thing I want differently is bigger sizes!!! Thank you!!! What a great find!!

Love love love!

Smells just like rain and dirt, I love it. Not super strong and doesn't burn my nose ❤

Awesome Smell

I can't describe how wonderful this candle smells. I think it's my new favorite!

The bomb

Really liked the candle and we're giving 2 of them to my daughter for Christmas. Great candles!!!

It’s a Christmas present so I can’t review it yet.

My Moms Spaghetti Sauce

It literally smells like when my mom cooks "gravy" (very italian family), and she lets it sit all day long, the entire house smells exactly like this candle. Ill be eating way too much pasta when I light this candle.

Literally like rain

Smells like a good summer storm, especially on a hot day when it evaporites off the hot concrete and you can smell it strongly.

Old Books 4oz Candle