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Grass Cedar Apples 4oz Candle

Grass Cedar Apples 4oz Candle

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Grass Cedar Apples Scented Soy Candle | Lasts 40+ Hours | FREE SHIPPING!

Only the Best Reasons to Buy

Only the best wax - made with 100% USA-Gown Soy!
Only the best fragrance oil - so your room fills with scent!
Only the best techniques - hand-poured homemade love!

Orders are shipped within 72 hours
USPS First Class Trackable Packages

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Customer Reviews

Based on 585 reviews
Annette F.
Deeply satisfying

I had been looking Petrichor scent for a while and was delighted to find it. The candle sits next to my reading chair and I occasionally hold it up to breathe in the satisfying smell - it seems like a deeply seated human pleasure and is very calming.

Luciana R.

Just like the real thing! Will buy again!

Jessica E.
Completely Accurate

My new trick when anyone comes over is having them smell this candle. It is DEAD on to petrichor. I’m redoing my dining room with a marshland theme and the rainy smell sets it off perfectly, it is so natural and not a bit soapy or fake. Massively impressed.

Abyni G.
Beautiful Company and Candle

The smell is exactly what you'd expect! I had an amazing experience with quick shipping, well done customer service, and perfectly priced candles. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Cheryl T.

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